From 2008 to 2015, our fleet of Reach and Wash fitted vehicles were owned by Alexander Swan Insurance Service Ltd (Insurance Broker with a niche in the Window Cleaning Industry). In 2015 we decided to divide the businesses and create a sister company, A S Vehicle Hire Limited.

A S Vehicle Hire Limited is primarily a solution for Alexander Swan Window Cleaner Clients and this will remain our top priority.

AS Vehicle Hire Limited is a sister company of Alexander Swan Insurance Services Ltd – we hire to non-clients as well as client of Alexander Swan Insurance Services Limited.

Our Mission

To be your business survival kit and keep your Business Flowing! 

To safeguard our Clients from us being unable to supply a Reach and Wash Fitted Van, we have more Vans than we should statistically need! This being the case, we find that much of the time our vans are sat waiting to go out on hire and could be helping more window cleaners continue to work!

If you have found yourself without your water fed pole (wfp) fitted van and need to get back out and clean windows, contact us for a quotation. We have recently invested in more vans fitted with water fed pole systems to cater for increased demand.

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